Expensive Air Filters Can Cost Your Unit


Waldorf, Lusby, Lexington Park, it's the same in MDAir filters are designed to help clean/purify the air that’s pumped into your home with your HVAC unit. Air filters can range from 5 dollars to 100+ dollars. We definitely won’t recommend you buy the cheapest air filters, because they won’t filter any of the negative air pollution in your home.

Why we don’t recommend the high-end air filters

Imagine you couldn’t breath. Whether you were a kid telling stories under a blanket, or you’ve worn face masks while cutting grass. It’s always harder to breath, when you block your ability to breath. Sometimes face masks are necessary so we don’t get sick, or affect our allergies. So they serve their purpose. Now imagine you put duct tape over your mouth and nose. You won’t get the pollutants, but you also won’t be able to breath…

That’s why we never recommend you buy the expensive HVAC air filters. They block the pollutants, but you’re seriously going to limit the amount of air that actually gets pumped through your house. Not only that, but your HVAC unit is going to work harder trying to push out the air through the very filter that’s blocking it.

Our experience in Southern Maryland

We’ve had more than a few customers (between Waldorf, Mechanicsville, Prince Frederick, and beyond) who’s HVAC units were dying far before they should have. This happened because they had top of the line ($$) air filters, but it put way too much strain on their unit. Unfortunately they weren’t covered under their warranty, because it was something the customer had done.

Not sure what air filter to get?

You should always call a professional HVAC technician when dealing with any questions you might have about how your unit should be working in your home. But an air filter can be a silent killer of HVAC units. So give us a call and we’ll let you know.

Feel free to give us a call

Any questions you might have feel free to give us a call. Whether you’re in Mechanicsville, Waldorf, Prince Frederick, Leonardtown, and beyond! We’re here to help!


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