#1 Reason Your Warranty Won’t Be Covered

Keep your Warranty - Southern MD MechanicsvilleHave you ever had a warranty before? The whole time you’re going about your life thinking, “If anything ever happens to my (insert item under warranty here), I’ll be covered.” Then that item breaks and you’re not covered with the warranty that was supposed to protect you from this very issue?… We promise you, this is not the first time we’ve heard this story (definitely won’t be the last). Even a couple of us (at Modern Aire) have fallen victim to this more than a few times…

We’ll Help You Keep Your Warranty

Likelihood we can help:

  • You just had your HVAC unit installed: Extremely Likely
  • You had your HVAC unit installed within the past 5 years: Very Likely
  • Your unit is 5-10 years old: Likely
  • Your unit is 10+ years old: Unlikely

HVAC warranties generally aren’t for more than 10 – 12 years.

So What’s The #1 Reason?

Failure to correctly have your unit maintained. It’s as simple as that, but that’s one of the reasons our customers are so happy with our maintenance agreements. We always make sure everything will be done to keep your warranty in tact. When a manufacturer comes out to decide whether or not they’ll uphold their warranty, the #1 thing they’ll look for is whether or not the issue could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

This means if the manufacturer comes out and finds your air filter hasn’t been changed in 2 years, they’ll void your warranty. If you don’t use the right parts with the unit, they’ll void the warranty. Even if you don’t register your warranty, of course that voids the warranty (because the manufacturer will tell you the warranty was never registered).

How Do You Protect Your Investment?

Have scheduled maintenance. This is one of our signature services, because it’s the most (minimally cost-effective) preparation you can have to protect your unit, as well as it’s warranty. Our maintenance services are base-priced, which means our pricing is as competitive as it gets in the HVAC industry.


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