Programmable Thermostats: Worth it?

Waldorf MD HVAC ServiceProgrammable thermostats have been trending the past few years, and you’re probably hearing more and more about them. The basic idea of a programmable thermostat allows you to drop your home temperature while you’re away from your home. If you live in Southern Maryland, you know we’re always getting fluctuating temperatures. Monday it could be 65 degrees, but by Wednesday there’s snow on the ground. This means you’re going to be changing the thermostat from one day to the next. 10 / 10 times you’re going to run the heating bill up, because you can’t efficiently turn it up and down when you’re not home.

Three Reasons We Love Programmable Thermostats


1.) Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year

The most basic programmable thermostats save you 15-18% on your energy bill year round. If you’re paying $165 per month (about $2000 per year) you’re going to save a minimum of $300 – $360 per year, which is about 5x the cost of the thermostat. In one year the thermostat will pay for itself 5 times.

2.) We Can Auto Program The Unit. And You’ll Never Have To

If you’re the person who lowers their homes temperature before you go to work, you’re going to love this. Now you don’t have to remember to change the thermostat every morning before you leave. You also don’t have to wait for the temperature to return to normal when you get home. A programmable thermostat lets you set the time of day to lower the temperature, and you can raise the temperature 30 minutes before you normally get home. This is the optimal efficiency for your unit, so it can save you the most money. You can set the schedule and leave it.

As an added bonus, if you go on vacation, or a work trip and you forget to lower the thermostat before you leave, now you can use your phone to change your homes temperature.

3.) Don’t Have to Worry About Kids Changing The Temperature

Older thermostats are easy for a child to change. Usually this happens when your kid wakes up and is a little chilly in their room. They go to the thermostat and raise the temperature, then go back to bed. Many of our customers have told us stories like these, but not once they get a modern programmable thermostat. You can set passwords on them, so even relatives can’t mess with them.

How they work / How can you get one

The average household in Maryland keeps their home running at 71-72 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest way to do it, is to get an HVAC professional to set them up for you. We particularly have installed hundreds of them in the Southern Maryland area. We can hook them up to your wifi, so you can control it while you’re not home. We’ll even help you program the times and temperatures you like, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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