Improving Air Flow in Your Home

Improving The Air Flow in Your Home

Southern Maryland Air FlowIf you’re in a room that always feels hotter/colder than it should, you probably have bad air flow. Assuming your HVAC unit is functioning properly there’s always a few consistent problems that can cause improper air flow in your home.

1.) Type of Air Filter

We have an article on air filters that goes into the weeds on this topic, but the main point of an air filter is to stop allergens, dust particles, etc. from entering your homes breathing air. The less expensive filters don’t do the best job of protecting your breathing air from harmful particles, but they have great air flow, because it’s not really blocking anything. On the other hand, really expensive air filters block almost all harmful air particles, but they also make it harder for the clean air to circulate through your house. Sometimes the high end air filters can be the reason you’re room temperature isn’t as comfortable as you’d like.

2.)  Changing Your Air Filters

Don’t forget to change your air filters at least 4 times per year. Air filters literally block the harmful air pollutants. You’ve probably seen a dirty air filter when changing your filter before. If you’re waiting 6 months to change your air filter, the excess dirt on the filter will block air (dirty and clean) from getting in your home.

Air Flow Director - Waldorf MD3.) Covering Vents With Furniture

A couple times per week we’re seeing our customers blocking their vents with furniture. Whether it’s the couch, or a TV stand, covering your floor vents will stop your air flow in its tracks. Sometimes, if your furniture is raised off the ground you can put air vent directors on the vents, which will help your air flow if your furniture has to stay where it is.

4.) Undersized Vents / Oversized Ducts

If your home has large rooms, or just has tall ceilings, a standard sized vent might not be enough to circulate enough comfortable temperature air through the room. You might want to call a professional and have larger vents installed, which isn’t as large a job as you might think.

The same goes for oversized ducts. If your ducts are too large, they’re pushing too much air through dead space before it even reaches your vents. That’s another reason you might want to call a professional HVAC technician if you’re going to need smaller air ducts.

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