5 HVAC Questions to Ask

We get a lot of questions from customers that don’t seem to have too much information on them… So

If You Have Questions About:

  • Whether or not you should replace your home comfort unit?
  • Where you should start if you’re having issues?
  • If saving money is worth it?
  • Thermostats and Financing?

You’re in the right place.

How to know when it’s time to replace your unit

The rule of thumb comes down to the cost of repairs. If your repair is going to cost 30% of what a new HVAC unit will cost… It’s probably time. If you have an older machine, we guarantee those parts are going to be way more expensive than the parts on a newer unit. So as time goes on, you’re going to spend more money to repair a unit, versus just replacing it in the first place adding value to your home. Another way to tell if you should replace your unit is if you see your heating/AC bill shooting through the roof. Sometimes the rates come down to SMECO, and sometimes it’s inefficiency in your unit. the best thing to do is contact a professional HVAC company, so we can tell you why it’s getting so expensive to help you make a better decision.

What savings will I make with a newer unit?

You can save up to 30% on your electricity bill just from a newer unit. So lets do the math. 

If you’re paying 200 p/month    30% Savings would mean you’re paying 140/month ($60 Savings /month)

And Here’s the cool trick. If you’re buying a new unit, and you finance it, you’re going to pay about 120ish dollars a month for the unit. Incorporate the savings into your cost, and you’re only paying $60 per month for an entirely new unit in Southern Maryland!!

We offer Financing Too

We’re happy to offer financing qualification forms on our website.

When should I get a Central HVAC Unit installed?

If you want constant comfort in every room with a constant heating/cooling effect all year round, you should probably get a central unit especially living in a hectically changing weather area as Southern Maryland.

What kind of thermostat should I get?

Thermostat technology has leapt forward in the past 10 years! They’re programmable, which is reliable, accurate and saves much more energy. You can even use WI-FI to communicate with it to change the temperature if you need to. This means you can change the temperature if you’re not home, which is brilliant. We have information on all the thermostats that are leading the market, and we’re happy to share them with you! The beautiful thing is that they’re not even close to as expensive as you’d think they’d be.

Can I better my indoor air quality?

You sure can. There’s one thing to be weary of though. If you ever see the expensive filters ($50+), don’t waste the money. They block the smallest air molecules which mean they block your air. If they block your air, your unit will work harder (which means a shorter lifespan of your unit), and you’ll be paying more money because your unit’s working harder (which means more electricity).


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